Till Debt Us Do Part?



The average cost of a UK wedding in 2013 according to various surveys ranges from £18,000 to over £24,000.
You are crazy about each other, you know you want to be together for ever and you want the whole world to know it too. You are about to jump onto the roller coaster for a whirlwind ride which will whisk you into the world of wedding fairs, first looks, photo booths, favours, photography and more cupcake flavours than you ever thought possible.

But hang on before you hit the first loop, you know pretty much every intimate detail about this person but do you know their bank balance? Are they savers or splurgers? It might be a good idea to sort out your joint approaches to finance before booking a huge venue or approaching the bank for a loan. Way up there in the stress and argument stakes are disagreements and difficulties with debts and bills. You want the wedding day to be one to remember for the right reasons and not one where you look at the photographs and wish you had foregone the bubble favours and the Chinese lanterns so that you could have heating throughout the winter months.

Timmy and I wanted to carry on our involvement with weddings after enjoying planning our own wedding so much. Our day was special and personal with many individual and hand crafted touches, it was a real family affair, a second time round wedding for both of us.  We managed to have a very unique and fun day filled with friends, dinosaurs and vintage style  for less than £5,000. We want to share some money saving ideas, to inspire others and to encourage couples to truly work together in planning and creating a perfect day that reflects their personalities. The money saved can go towards the honeymoon, a deposit on a house or suchlike. Throughout the planning keep in mind that this is just ONE DAY of the rest of your lives together and that the day is about both of you, that means some compromises along the way but without losing the uniqueness that encapsulates you as a couple.

You don’t need to get yourself stressed and in debt, weddings are meant to be fun.

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