Lets hear it for the Boys – a grooms perspective on wedding planning


Speaking as a groom, it seems that it is all too common that the task of organising the wedding is left to the bride,this can add unwanted pressure and distress at a time when you should both be gearing up for the best day of your life.

After all you are entering into a commitment to your future of sharing and working together.
While we understand that not everyone is creative or has the time to make things I believe it shows your level of commitment, be it in a creative streak or even just to get involved that can really help to make the wedding process run smoothly and also give you massive brownie points with your bride…
What we will try to do through our blogs and workshops is to show you how to find locations,source materials and make many wondrous things..
There are plenty of cheap /readily available materials which we can show you how to use to make anything from a simple wedding invitation to an elaborate four foot swan.
The most important thing to remember is that it should be fun.
This is your day after all and yours alone.
We know many couples who have come up to us saying they wished they could do it again but do it in the way they wanted and not the way they thought it had to be done for the family or the sake of tradition.
Our ultimate aim is to not only inspire you but to show you that you can have an amazing day without breaking the bank.

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