Public buildings for wedding ceremonies

One of the lowest cost options for a wedding is to have a very basic register office wedding, this will cost just under £100.  It will make it all legal but not offer much opportunity to customise your day.  It will save some pennies to spend on the honeymoon or reception.  You could then have a blessing ceremony in a more extravagant venue (having said that some of the register offices are fairly grand buildings in themselves).

Some very grand buildings are in local authority or government ownership and it might surprise you what you can afford for your blessing or for the Ceremony itself.

We married in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and thought that the cost of the room hire (£650 for a Saturday for an hour) was reasonable for such an amazing setting.   The Pavilion belongs to the council which also owns other impressive buildings which can be used for weddings. It seats 44 people.


Northampton Guildhall is a glorious public building and hosts weddings from just £160


How about a castle?

Castell Coch near Cardiff offers Gothic splendour for a wedding ceremony, it looks a fairytale castle from the outside and is elaborately decorated within.  It is around £600 for 90 minutes hire on a Saturday but only allows 30 guests.


In Rutland there is Oakham castle

You will pay around £500 for a Saturday wedding in this intimate setting In the heart of Rutland which was built in Norman times.


Or a museum?

Southchurch Hall near Southend is a timbered medieval manor house in a beautiful setting which can seat up to 40 guests. It will cost around £500 to hire.


Reading museum is available for hire and consists of various size venues to accommodate smaller and up to very large parties.


If you have money to spare, you could always hire the natural history museum and be married in the presence of a dinosaur.  This is likely to cost nearly £20,000 though, so you might want to save for a little while yet.


The prices above do not usually include the fee for the registrar so you will have to budget around another £400 or so for this.  Why not contact your local council to see what they offer?

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