Be bold, be brave, be true.


At a visit to the hairdressers yesterday I was involved in a discussion over the whir of the hair dryer about weddings.  My stylist had just got engaged at age 21 and was excitedly talking about plans.  It was great to hear her enthusiasm especially as she wasn’t planning to get married until two years time.  I am never one for deferred gratification, so that wouldn’t be for me, but she saw it as a great opportunity to make it exactly as she and her fiancé wanted it.  With hindsight we still miss all the planning and making things so perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all as she has many months of it ahead of her to look forward to.   I was impressed that she was determined to make it a labour of love with her fiancé.  She said that he really wanted to be involved in being creative too.


It appears that more and more people are shunning the traditional and wanting to stamp their unique brand on the wedding. It will be interesting to see if this initial determination wavers with the pressure of family and friends, already she was saying that people were expressing their opinions about her plans.  I hope that she and her fiancé get the wedding that they want and manage to stick to their guns.

It’s one day, it’s probably more than you will ever spend on any single event again in your life.  You can look at this two ways, one way is to think it is  you and your partner’s day and you should get what you want, the second way is to think that as it IS  only ONE day, don’t sweat it, as marrying the person you love is the most important thing so a few compromises can be indulged.


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