Stringing words together- making bunting from vintage books

ImageDecorate your venue by making this simple bunting from an old dictionary.  Firstly assemble the equipment.   You will need an old dictionary, or any vintage book will do, some glue, a cutter ( I used a heart shape)and some string and ribbon or lace .


Take some pages out of the dictionary and cut your string to the desired length.  A couple of metres is usually enough for each string of bunting.

Cut each page in half and neaten the rough edge. Fold over each page so that the folded edge is at the top of the string (be sure that the front has the writing the right way round (the back will be upside down because of the fold). Cut the heart shape out near to the bottom.

image image

Keep the heart shaped cut out pieces safely somewhere as you can also use these as bunting by using a sewing machine to sew a strip of stitching through them in a row or using them to stick on cards or as confetti.

Glue the folds over the string and press together.   Tie lace or ribbon between each folded piece until you are satisfied with the end result.



You could stain the lace ribbon with tea to age it.   You could also use different books or music scores depending on the recipients interests. Happy making.

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