Kitsch Vs Modernism

img 41

Christmas can be a magical time.  It is a great excuse to spruce up and decorate your home.  One of the things you may notice about Dollymix is that we don’t follow the normal trends, we try instead to inject our personality and fun nature into what we do. Here are just a few fun decorations which we love, enjoy and have around the house. img 48

We like quirky kitsch and these mid 1960’s decorations fit our style and have been in our Christmas box for years, the only downfall is some do tend to become fragile and last year one of our lovely glass ornaments was smashed but Timmy managed a respectable repair on a vintage piece which would be almost impossible to replace.

Keep following for a Special announcement later next year. img 37

American Shaker inspired decorations were big for quite some time and judging by the shops, these are making a welcome comeback.There also seems to be a real cross over with October inspired colour schemes with orange and black making an interesting combination. Even Binky wanted to get involved this year..

img 40

It’s Christmas time so let’s start a poll on your style be it baubles, bows, crafty or something else.

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