Museum,Memories and Mighty Meringues


We have just spent the weekend rushing about in order to meet friends. We had planned to go to London to see the Christmas lights and when we arrived we saw on Facebook that a couple of our friends were in London too. Several texts later and we had arranged to meet up with both sets of friends shortly after each other.  We were also on a tight time frame to return back home for a supper date with neighbours who always put on an amazing spread.  (Lots of cheese is a winner in my book).


Therefore, after starting out with grand intentions, we only managed to see parts of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the wonderful red velvet Christmas tree installation in the foyer.  We had a quick stop at their gorgeous cafe for a giant meringue (our must do when in the V and A).


Being Instagram fiends, I had posted a picture of the jewellery gallery, a comment beneath the picture asked me to go and see The Butchers shop lighter as the father of one of my Instagram friends had made this. After posting a picture of this pretty silver lighter,she told us that he had died a few weeks earlier and that it meant a lot that his work is still there for all to see.


We rushed to the station to catch the train home and only then realised we hadn’t seen much of the west end or Christmas lights at all.


The sight of the spread prepared by our neighbours made all that irrelevant.



The chocolate Fondue was amazing with its medley of fruits and sweets.


We wondered if we would get through the evening without ending up trying out all their exotic concoctions and of course we didn’t as they brought out their specially made “Fishermans friend” vodka.

This was made in honour of our wedding where we stopped off for some of this whilst on a ghost walk in Brighton.


As you can see it was not to everyone’s taste buds but it was certainly different.


The Amaretti biscuits came out last which more than made up for the dubious shots earlier and were accompanied by Amaretto to dunk them in of course.


A big Thank you to Daisy Crowe, Phil and Caz Rowe who pulled out all the stops and gave us such a lovely and eventful evening.


We had initially regretted missing the Christmas lights but on balance, it was so much nicer to catch up with old friends because Christmas is really a time for family and friendships.

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