Wedding Planner.. Why bother?

So, you are on a limited budget, what exactly can a planner do for you? image

Establish a budget:

Hopefully you have talked honestly about the budget and are clear on what you can afford.  A planner can help finalise the details of the budget and is likely to be able to suggest ways to get better value for money bringing that dream wedding within reach. They can keep an eye on plans to avoid the costs spiralling out of control and may be able to find discounts.  This should mean that their role almost pays for itself in savings for the couple.


Timing and Venue:

One of the first things to consider is where and when you want the wedding.  Do you want a small personal wedding, or are you a couple that like to go big and bold hiring out the local circus tent, complete with jugglers and clowns? The key to these arrangements is deciding the direction  together with your partner and to have fun doing it. A planner can help you decide on the best and, sometimes, most cost effective times to hold the event. They can work with you on the pro’s and con’s of different types of venue and on the all important guest list and its implications.

Visualising your day:

Couples are seldom alike when it comes to weddings, there can be an amazing amount of creativity flowing, this can sometimes be confusing.  It can also add unwanted tension due to the potential of clashing ideas  if it is not handled properly.  This where a planner can step in to work with you both to formulate a vision of the day and the important elements for each of you. The services they offer range from the basics, such as finding a venue, sourcing florists, caterers or other suppliers (often with a discount). They can offer a more inclusive service overseeing the whole event leaving you with little more to do than arrive and enjoy your special day.


Sourcing Items and Ideas.

One of the great things about a wedding planner is they take all the stress off your shoulders and do the running around to source all that you need, maybe you need a giant mushroom or a grizzly bear hat stand,this is something they will be able to acquire through their numerous sources.  It is not uncommon to work with  a couple with no idea for a theme (which is of course ok as not everyone wants a particular style) who just want to be able to have a great day.   When there is a shortage of ideas a good planner will discover their interests and what drives and motivates them in order to create a day that reflects them as a couple.

Capturing the memories:


Photography is an area which should not be overlooked, there are some fantastic photographers around who will ensure that you, your friends and your family enjoy those memories long after the day has passed. A good planner will help you find the right photography package at a price to suit each individual budget. 


The day itself:

A good planner has military precision, ensuring the day goes smoothly. They can oversee as much or as little of the day as the couple want.  The couple may want to enjoy setting up the venue themselves or decide to leave this to the planner.  With emergency repair kit in hand, the planner can deal with any mishaps that might happen on the day, keeping everyone focussed and calm as possible.  (Some nerves are to be expected as it’s a big day!).

The above are some pointers about wedding planners.  If you decide to go it alone without a planner, read as much as you can in blogs and articles and don’t forget the value of the Pinterest board for collecting thoughts and ideas.  If money is tight, marrying at off peak times may be cost effective, always try to shop around for discounts and most importantly, know when to stop before you go over budget. image

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