Put your wedding on the map by making these envelopes

You could use any comic, magazine or favourite book to make these envelopes.  I used an old atlas past its best to make these mini sized ones.

Firstly, take an envelope to use as a template.  Carefully prise it apart and draw around it onto a piece of card ( a cereal box works well).  Cut this out and you have the template.

imageimage image image

Draw round the template onto the map and cut out. You can use a few pages at once to save time and effort.
Use the original envelope folded back to its proper shape as a guide inside the map envelope. Carefully fold the map around it, you only want to fold each crease with one line for neatness, so try to get it right first time.
Stick the middle bottom flap over the two side pieces and there you have it. These are great to use as RSVP envelopes or as favour bags to fill with gifts. You can use a sticker or the Pritt to seal the flap.


2 thoughts on “Put your wedding on the map by making these envelopes

  1. I do love a great map! A couple of days back I was considering trying the diy route on some map envelope liners – but to be honest – this is way more awesome… Might just have to try this one out 🙂 +M+


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