dollymix goes to Hollywood…



We were recently asked by Sassy of Assassynation Photography to be part of her latest project, Sassterclass. Our role was to help design and build a set as the finale of a two day photgraphers workshop.IMG_20140310_125653Planning went into overdrive and what we needed was either fabricated, begged or borrowed.

20140311_141121 The set was assembled in an amazing old warehouse.20140312_160614Victorian iron girders added a bleak, industrial feel.20140312_134938Sassy wanted to create a post apocalyptic outpost. This was to include elements of survival and hope but also the ever present danger from invaders. 20140312_135452Sugar glass and ash were used to create a distressed look. Special lightweight walls were fabricated to give the appearance of a bomb damaged building. An amazing back drop was painted by a local graffiti artist.  With all of this in place, the keen photography students were let loose to capture this incredible scene.20140311_14093820140313_172227

20140312_111538   20140313_123038   20140313_151023   What’s an apocalypse without smoke?20140313_151455     20140313_130425   20140313_152618  20140313_125843  20140313_150828  20140313_172537  20140312_111509

The whole experience was amazing as were all the photographers who attended the Sassterclass. Thank you to Sassy and Matt Willis photography

Models Nessa Ellis and James Leverton

Hair and make up –

Nessa’s outfit – Corset –
Nessa’s outfit – Headpiece and wrist cuff –
Set design – Assassynation and Timmy from Grafitti –

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